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Seven Seas Travel was founded in 1964. We  
have a 59 year history of serving the community 
of Detroit. We offer assistance with individual 
and group vacations plus corporate travel. We 
specialize in cruises, land destinations, and 
bus tours. This travel agency near me can take 
care of the necessary arrangements pertaining 
to transportation, travel insurance, visas, 
special attraction fares, passports, hotels, 
food and beverage services, special events, 
local excursions, transfers, and other travel 

For close to 60 years, generations of travelers 
have come to us from Clinton Township Travel 
Agent to plan their group and individual vacations 
and getaways to All Inclusive resorts and
dozens of unrivaled island locations.  

Our physical address is located in Southeast 
Detroit. Visit or call today. For over 59 years, 
we have served an Area of Service that covers 
over 20 local cities and townships in the 
Detroit Metropolitan Area.

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