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Are you ready to cruise the world in 2024 and/or 2025? If so, then it's time to book your cruise with the cruise travel agent, Seven Seas Travel, the premier travel agency in the Detroit Metro Area. Our selection  of cruises (see the following pages) includes cruises to: Alaska, Antarctica, CaribbeanDisney, GalapagosHawaiianMediterranean, and River cruise voyages. We also have themed cruises such as culinary cruises, wellness-focused sailings, family-friendly options, and luxury adventure/expedition sailings from smaller cruise lines.  

Cruise Travel Agent

Top 15 Travel Tips from The Cruise Travel Agent

In this Cruise Agent guide, we provide resources on the following topics:  

1) Why Use a Cruise Travel Agent
2) BASE Cruise Fares: What Is/is not included
3) Booking Airfare Through The Cruise Line
4) 4 Cruise Lines that offer Package DEALS
5) Beverage Package Plans by Cruise Line
6) 7 Tips for Cruise Insurance; 2 Deposit Types
7) Downloading the Cruise Line's APP
8) Onboard Credits (OBCs) & Shipboard Charge Account
9) Perks of Booking a Group Cruise
10) Cruise Destinations (Alaska, Caribbean, Disney, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, River etc.)
11) Tips for Experiencing the Cruise Destination
12) Tips for Going on Shore Excursions
13) Cultural Experiences
14) Accommodation Options Onboard
15) Cruise Lines and Itineraries (SELF SEARCH)


Seven Seas Travel of St Clair Shores, Michigan (Detroit Metro Area) can help you plan your dream vacation, including flights, hotels, guided tours, cruises, rental cars, and more. Seven Seas Travel has been in business since 1964. Seven Seas Travel offers a 24/7/365 live answering service. If you would like a quick quote, you can call Seven Seas Travel at (586) 775-7300 and press 1 for an immediate quote. Customer testimonials are available here.  

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Check out this exciting video featuring the best five new cruise ships sailing for the first time in 2024. Bon Voyage! 

Why utilize the services of a Cruise Travel Agent?

Consulting a cruise travel agent when booking a cruise is beneficial as they are able to advise you on the nuances of the purchase and how to make choices based on your desired vacation experience. Deciding to go on a cruise is much more than just booking a flight and reserving a hotel room; the ship you select will determine what food and nightlife options are available throughout your holiday. Your decision of route determines the places you will go and what sight seeing or attractions you will be able to do. If it is your first time taking a cruise, it can be daunting to analyze all the possibilities by yourself. 

A cruise travel agent such as Seven Seas Travel is there to save you money and recommend options (insurance, airfare, beverage plans, excursions, cruise line, budget, and cruise sailing/voyage) that best suits your needs.  A cruise travel agent such as Seven Seas Travel will work with your GROUP to send out free cruise flyers, collect deposits/payments, and handle cabin berthings so you don't have to. 


Cruise Travel Agent

Basic Cruise Fares: What Is included, What Is Not

The cost of cruising may be difficult to estimate and analyze. A cruise fare might be presented on the web without taking into consideration port fees, revenues, and other expenses, which are usually only seen after providing your personal information. 

Beware of flashy television or online advertisements which show only the (BASE) "cruise price" as that is not the full price you are going to pay to get on the ship.  The cruise industry is notorious for this "sales tactic".  

Before you purchase your cruise, please be aware that the BASE cruise fare usually only includes basic food and beverage plus shows plus your cabin. To complete the booking/package, you wiil need to add port-regular taxes, gratuities, airfare, WIFI, many beverages, transfers from airport to/from port to airport. There also may be some restaurants on the ship which are classfied as "Specialty Dining" that are NOT part of the BASE cruise fare  One exception to this general rule is the "Adults Only" Virgin Cruises which includes port and regular taxes plus WIFI into their standard base cruise fare.  Another exception is some of the luxury/expedition small ship cruise lines (the majority of the river cruise lines). 

Please keep in mind that most cruise lines only include ice water, flavored waters, brewed coffee, assorted teas, iced tea, hot chocolate, milk, lemonade, and fruit juices in the BASE cruise fare. These beverages are dispensed at self-serve machines and other casual dining venues and usually served in the main dining room and other restaurants. Any beverages consumed outside of the aforementioned beverage list will be charged to the onboard account of the passenger or will paid for as part of a cruise "beverage package" which can purchased before or after boarding the ship.  

Cruise Travel Agent

Save Money By Booking Airfare Through The Cruise Line

The least expensive base fare often does not always provide the highest return or premier set of vacation experiences. To lower overall costs, some cruise lines offer discounted airfares that can save you 10-25% on airfare to specific destinations (such as Alaska or Europe) that you would purchase from outside suppliers.  Airfare in peak season can be quite expensive so it is best to book as far ahead as possible, 11 months ahead. 

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Many of Seven Seas Travel's, a cruise travel agent, clients have been able to use cruise line's air program several times and have personally had really good experiences! Occasionally, the cruise line will offer buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) airfare. This could save you a great deal on flights, as the second guest gets free airfare! 

Save Money by Going with Cruise Lines that Provide "The Extras" via Package Deals

1. Princess Cruise Lines offers Princess Premier service and Princess Plus service which covers drinks, gratuities, WI-FI, and photos which most cruise companies charge extra for. Extras after that include beverage packages for alcohol based beverages, cruise insurance, speciality dining, excursions, and WI-FI on some cruise lines. 


2. Virgin Cruises includes a $300-$600 "bar tab" as part of its standard cruise fare. The $600 bar tab is included if the Virgin Cruise is 7 nights or more.  WI-FI, specialty restaurants, water, and soda are also included in the regular cruise fare on Virgin Cruises. Virgin Cruise Lines is an ADULTS ONLY cruise line that requires all guests be 18 years old and older.

Cruise Travel Agent

3. The Norwegian Free at Sea Package includes up to 5 or 6 (on some cruises) Free Offers which can include a combination of:

A) Free Unlimited Open Bar Package (Save up to $1,400 on all spirits and cocktails, wines, draft beer, juice and soda with select premium cocktails & spirits under $15);

B) Free Specialty Dining (Save up to $180 and savor free meals at Specialty Dining venues/2 meals to enjoy at any of Specialty Restaurants);

C) Free Shore Excursions (Save $50 per Shore Excursion, Per Stateroom with Shore Excursion Credits/$50 per tour (for 1st guest);

D) Free Wi-Fi (Save up to $200 with an Internet Package you can use anywhere on the ship);

E) Free 3rd & 4th Guest or for $99 (Save up to $1,000 with free third and fourth guests on select dates);

F) Free Airfare (Pay airfare for one guest, and you'll automatically lock-in roundtrip flights for two). 

Cruise Travel Agent

The Norwegian Free at Sea PLUS Package expands upon the Norwegian Free at Sea Package by adding more to the baseline package in that it offers a Premium Plus Beverage Package which includes:

All top-shelf cocktails & spirits, All beer, red wine, white wine and exclusive brand of rosé Champagne by the glass, select premium bottles of wine with dinner including exclusive brand of rosé Champagne and 40% off all other bottles, unlimited soft drinks and juices, unlimited still & sparkling bottled water, all Starbucks® coffee & specialty drinks, and Energy drinks. Speciality dining is extended to include 2 more additional meals and WI-FI has no time limit and there is an additional $50 per tour for 2nd guest. 

Cruise Travel Agent

In addtion to these two extra packages, Norwegian offers its passengers the freedom to choose when and where they dine onboard during their cruise, FREESTYLE DINING, which can be a rarity in the cruise line industry. Unlike some other cruise lines that assign a time and location for guests to dine for dinner, Norwegian allows guests to choose when and where they eat every day. If guests want to catch a show, participate in an activity, or spend the day exploring a port, they do not have to worry about planning their day around dinner time onboard. 

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4. MSC Cruises 40% off cruises, Drinks and Wi-Fi Included, and up to $400 Onboard offer includes a combination of shore excursions, shopping, and more. Plus, Kids Sail Free! Sail to bucket-list destinations in the Caribbean, The Bahamas, Bermuda, and Europe. Don’t miss this opportunity to book your vacation with this limited-time offer.

The MSC Cruises Onboard Credit breaks down as: 
o 2-4 nights – up to $50 per stateroom on Inside, Oceanview and Balcony; up to $100 per stateroom on Suites & MSC Yacht Club. 
o 5-9 nights  – up to $100 per stateroom on Inside, Oceanview and Balcony;  up to $200 per stateroom on Suites & MSC Yacht Club. 
o 10 nights & longer – up to $200 per stateroom on Inside, Oceanview and  Balcony; up to $400 per stateroom on Suites & MSC Yacht Club. 

Check out the all new Carnival Firenze which sails from Long Beach, California on 4-7 night cruises to the Mexican Riviera starting in mid May 2024.  This ship's interior was designed with the theme of Florence, Italy throughout its interior, restaurants, and shows. 

Save Money, Purchase a Cruise Beverage Package, Is it worth it? 

The purchase of "Beverage Packages" has become ever more complex in 2024 and 2025. Aggregate beverage package costs are usually priced by the passenger (NOT the cabin) multiplied by the number of days (day count) for the sailing.  Each cruise line offers several beverage packages with each package having its own set of rules for what is included and not included.

For a very detailed writeup of the various cruise line beverage packages, cruise customers should consult with a cruise travel agent like Seven Seas Travel, a leading cruise travel agent, or refer to a well known cruise travel third party authority like Cruise Critic.  

Generally speaking, beverage packages are divided into 3 to 4 categories which may include:

1) Deluxe Beverage Package that includes all cocktails, beers, and wines by the glass valued up to $14.
2) Medium Level Beverage Package with unlimited non-alcoholic beverages throughout the cruise.
3) Soda and/or Water Packages which includes all sodas and mineral waters throughout the cruise.

Cruise Travel Agent

5 tips or things to remember when considering the purchase of the beverage pacakge include:  

1) To cost justify the purchase of the Deluxe Beverage Package on most cruise lines requires the consumption of 4-6 cocktails per day per guest.  
2) While drink packages are sold on the ship, they are often going to be 10-30% cheaper if you buy them before you board the ship.
3) Cruise line gratuities and tipping can be confusing. It’s important to know that when you purchase a drink package, an 18-20% gratuity is added at this time. Tips are therefore paid on the value of the package, and not per drink as you order.
4) Some cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises and Carnival, have a daily limit of 15 alcoholic drinks per person/per day. 
5) It can come as a surprise, but not all drinks are included in the alcoholic beverage package. The drink package will include drinks up to a certain limit. For instance, a basic beverage package may include drinks up to $14 a glass. Anything above that, and cruise passengers can simply pay the difference. 

Save Money, Seven Things to Know/TIPS About Cruise Insurance:

If taking a cruise is in your travel plans, the cruise travel experts at Seven Seas Travel, a cruise travel agent, advise purchasing cruise insurance as well. While many cruises go off without a hitch, cruise insurance can help to provide coverage for unexpected cancellations, trip interruptions, travel delays, medical expenses, and more. 

1. Generally speaking, you can purchase cruise insurance from three main sources which include: 1) the cruise company 2) Travel Guard or AIG or 3) Allianz. Some other cruise insurance companies include World Nomads, Travelex, and Trawick.

Cruise purchasers should be aware that MANY cruise companies sell cruise insurance policies which may not provide a cash refund if the policy is utilized. Instead cruise vouchers for a future cruise insurance policies are provided. Instead, many cruise companies sell a "Pre-Departure Waiver" Plan. The “pre-departure waiver / protection” plan is mostly a promise to pay on the part of the cruise line, tour operator or travel supplier for the trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits. These plans can include elements of insurance to pay claims for trip delays, accident and sickness medical benefits, evacuation and/or baggage protection. 

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2. Many cruise policies have a complex list of "COVERED EVENTS" which may or may not apply to the customer's circumstances.  If you are interested in the optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, you must purchase insurance within 21 days of making your initial trip deposit. Miss that 21-day window? You can buy travel insurance without the CFAR benefit up until the day before you leave for coverage while you travel. With CFAR coverage, you can cancel for any reason up until 48 hours before your trip. You will receive up to 75% of your trip cost back. The other 25% acts as a deductible. 

If I book a cruise with a non-refundable deposit and I purchase CFAR insurance, will the deposit be covered by the insurance?  Quick answer: Read the fine print.  Long answer: As long as you start the insurance within any required time after the first payment (refundable or not), the non refundable deposit is covered by CFAR insurance in the vast majority of cases.

3. Purchase cruise insurance as soon as you book your cruise.
Cruise-goers should purchase travel insurance as soon as the first NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT toward the cruise is made to help ensure there is coverage if something happens before you have the chance to set sail. 

Cruise Travel Agent

4. Know what the insurance plan covers (and doesn’t).
What is covered or not covered depends on the plan you purchase. A comprehensive cruise insurance plan covers any expenses incurred due to adverse weather, mechanical breakdown, or illness. You should be aware that if you cancel your cruise due to fear of travel or if the cruise line cancels the sailing, you are only covered if you have Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) added to your plan.

5. Get an insurance plan with Missed Connection Coverage (MCC) and Trip Delay Benefits 
If your flight is delayed for three or more hours due to inclement weather and you literally miss the boat, MCC can help save the day and your investment. Reputable cruise plans provide coverage for those additional expenses, including transportation, reasonable accommodations, and meal expenses. MCC can reimburse you for non-refundable payments made on the unused portion of the cruise.


Trip Delay provides benefits for additional expenses should there be a common carrier delay or if you become quarantined. It is part of most plans, but you may want to opt for a higher Trip Delay Max limit, $4,000 or $7,000. It adds a nominal amount to the overall plan cost and allows for a higher reimbursement of expenses per person, per day. 

6. Insure all prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses.
Many travelers don’t realize that all prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses can be insured. Cruise transfers, transportation to and from the airport, accommodations, airfare, cruise fare, and excursions are all examples of insurable travel expenses. If you paid for it ahead of time and it is non-refundable, you can and should insure it to ensure those amounts are protected in the event of a trip cancellation. Additionally, some coverages such as Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) or the pre-ex waiver, may require that the full trip cost be insured.

7. Cruise insurance costs depend on age, trip cost, and trip duration.
Cruise travel insurance cost is a percentage of your overall trip cost and considers factors such as the ages of those traveling, total cost of the trip, and duration of travel. Additionally, any upgraded or added benefits will of course add to the cost of the plan.

Cruise Travel Agent

Cruise Deposits (Two Types)

When booking a cruise, it is not necessary to pay for the entire journey in advance. A deposit is usually sufficient. A cruise travel agent can guarantee that you make all required payments on time. Deposits can be paid up to 18 months in advance in most cases and can be as small at $50-$100/person. 

Generally speaking, there are two types of deposits which include refundable cruise deposits and non refundable cruise deposits. The refundable cruise deposit usually adds a material cost to the overall price of the cruise.  To avoid this extra cost, it does make sense in some cases to purchase a non refundable cruise deposit and then add a "Cancel for Any Reason" cruise insurance policy from a travel insurance provider. 

Cruise Travel Agent

Save Money, (Free) Onboard credits (OBCs) and your Shipboard Charge Card/Account

You can use your free onboard credit to make purchases on your cruise ship. It's a cash credit to your shipboard account, and the amount of the onboard credit will be subtracted from the total value of the items you bought while on board. Please keep in mind that since late 2022 most cruise companies have greatly reduced the issuance of large OBCs to bring back clients. What was once an automatic $500 OBC for a given sailing is now $100 or less. 

If you've never taken a cruise, be aware that it's a cashless culture. On the day of embarkation, the cruise line starts a charge account for each passenger and most . The Onboard Expense Account is the cashless system used for all onboard purchases and services. Depending on your ship, cards are handed out at the pier or will be in your stateroom waiting for you. The account can be set-up with either a credit card, debit card or as a cash account during check-in or at the pier.

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Almost everything you require that isn't covered by your cruise fee or that wasn't paid for in advance is paid for using your onboard account. This covers retail purchases, beverages at bars, spa and salon services, exercise programs, and shore excursions. Your shipboard credit card can be used to open your cabin door along with your cruise key card. Give it to the salesman or bartender so they can charge a purchase to your onboard account.

You can also add guests from your stateroom or another stateroom as authorized purchasers on your account. For each purchase made onboard the ship you will receive a receipt. A preliminary statement will be delivered to your stateroom on the day prior to the final morning of your cruise vacation for your review. A final statement will be e-mailed to you shortly after departing the ship on the last day of your cruise.

Downloading the Cruise Line's APP

One of the very first things Seven Seas Travel, a leading cruise travel agent, recommends doing when planning a cruise vacation is downloading the cruise line app, as this is where guests can research their ship, check their itinerary, book shore excursions, purchase a Wi-Fi or drink package, and, when the time comes, check-in for their cruise.  Seven Seas Travel, a leading cruise travel agent, recommends that one of the first things things guest should utilize the APP for is to book shore excursions as soon as possible as shore excursions often sell out or go up in price upon boarding the ship. 

Additionally, the cruise line app is where guests can see all of the venues and amenities onboard their ship, where they can check the digital version of the daily cruise event schedule, and where they can check any onboard charges. 

Cruise Travel Agent

Perks of Booking a Group Cruise

Booking a Group Cruise entitles you to certain perks and benefits. These will vary by cruise line, group size, and itinerary.  A Group Cruise reservation usually starts with a Group Cruise contract which is taken out by a Cruise Travel Agent such as Seven Seas Travel with the cruise line.  The Group Contract specifies the number of cabins, the cost per cabin, the required deposit/date, and the payment schedule. 

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Several other Group Cruise features include: 

1) Discounts: Cabins purchased via a group cruise contract are often priced lower than regular rates.
2) Amenities: Group amenities are a major incentive. Cruise lines will offer extras like onboard credits, bottles of wine, fruit plates and snacks, soda packages, cocktail parties, complimentary specialty dining and more.
3) Tour Conductor Credits: Cruise lines will generally provide a cruise-only tour conductor credit (complimentary single berth, not cabin) for each 16 full fare passengers traveling together. The value of this berth is returned to the group leader after the group has sailed (in order to account for last minute cancellations). The amount of this tour conductor refund is based on the average cost of all staterooms booked for the group.
4) Collection of Payments, Group Presentations, Flyers, and Tour Guides:  A Cruise Travel Agent such as Seven Seas Travel will prepare customized flyers for the Group as well as give live presentations for the Group as requested. If the group is large enough, a Cruise Travel Agent such as Seven Seas Travel will often accompany the group on the sailing. A Cruise Travel Agent such as Seven Seas Travel will also collect deposits, payments, and make cabin berthing arrangements. 


Cruise Travel Agent

A Summary of the Most Popular Cruise Destinations in 2024 and 2025

In 2024, a wide range of cruise destinations are available that are designed to suit all tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for pristine beaches or historic landmarks, there is something for everyone. One of the most popular cruise destinations in 2024-2025 is Alaska, a destination that has become increasingly popular among tourists. Alaska offers breathtaking natural beauty with a spectacular landscape of glaciers, mountains, and wildlife. You can enjoy a range of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, hiking, and wildlife watching. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages in Alaska. 


Another popular destination is the Mediterranean, which boasts an array of stunning cities with rich histories, delicious food and wine, and gorgeous coastline views. You can explore beautiful places like Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Venice, and more. The Caribbean and Bermuda continue to be a favorite for those wanting tropical scenery with white sand beaches kissed by turquoise water alongside palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages in the Mediterranean. 

Whatever your preference regarding weather or experiences, there's no denying that European cruises have seen a recent surge in popularity – so much so that they have been named one of the most highly requested areas for cruises.

Experiencing Europe by cruise ship is like collecting pieces of art on a canvas; once seen, it can never be unseen. The picturesque beauty of this region is almost poetic and breathtaking. You'll soon be in awe of everything that's on offer as you glide between fascinating destinations throughout your cruise vacation. 

Cruise Travel Agent

Hawaii cruises are available year-round and do not require a passport in most cases.  If you are searching for an off-the-beaten-track adventure in less-visited areas, then the Iberian Peninsula's cruise could be for you. Imagine admiring Portugal's Azores Islands' dramatic volcanic landscapes before enjoying the brilliance in Spain's famous beaches in Costa Del Sol.


Consider the convenience, variety and luxury options available to make your trip unforgettable: high-end amenities abound, from fine dining options to spa treatments onboard, while shore excursions are organized with expert guides to immerse you in the rich cultures offered when you dock in selected ports of call throughout your journey.

Experience the Various Cruise Destinations

Mediterranean Gems from the Cruise Travel Agent

Mediterranean cruises have always been a hit among travelers, and it's no different in 2024. With a lot of gorgeous locations to choose from, the Mediterranean is an excellent choice for those who want to soak up some sun's rays while exploring beautiful old towns and cities.

One such location is the ancient city of Athens in Greece. Explore the historic Acropolis with its stunning Parthenon temple or take a stroll through the cobbled streets of Plaka. From there, feast on some mouth-watering Greek cuisine like Moussaka or Souvlaki while enjoying a glass of Ouzo at one of the many tavernas.

Cruise Travel Agent

Another must-visit location on your Mediterranean cruise is the charming town of Sorrento in Italy. Famous for its lemon groves and olive trees, this town offers visitors breathtaking views over the Bay of Naples. Take a day trip to the island of Capri and experience this idyllic island's unmatched charm. 

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And don't forget to indulge in some authentic Neapolitan pizza while you're here! If you're interested in history and culture, then Malta should be on your itinerary. This small country has more than 7,000 years of history and boasts several UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Hypogeum Temple and Hal Saflieni Archaeological Park.

Overall, a Mediterranean cruise is an excellent way to explore some of the most beautiful and historic European cities while also enjoying beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and delicious food. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages in the Mediterranean. 

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Caribbean & Bermuda Discoveries from the Cruise Travel Agent

The Caribbean has long been a popular destination for cruise travelers, and in 2024 there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't miss out on all it has to offer. One of these is St. Lucia, which is known for its lush rainforests, volcanic beaches, and iconic Piton Mountains.

Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of Diamond Falls Mineral Baths or explore the scenic town of Soufriere. Another Caribbean gem to visit is the colorful island of Jamaica. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages in the Caribbean. 

Take an excursion to Bob Marley's birthplace and learn about reggae music's history while enjoying some of the island's most breathtaking scenery. For those thrill-seekers out there, don't miss soaring through the treetops on a zipline ride in Montego Bay.

Cruise Travel Agent

Bermuda is also an excellent location for cruisers looking to explore the beaches and local culture. Surrounded by perfectly turquoise waters, you can relax on pink sandy beaches under swaying palm trees or tour the island's historic landmarks like St. George and Royal Naval Dockyard.


The Caribbean is like a treasure trove - with so many gems waiting to be discovered, from sparkling white sandy beaches to lush jungles teeming with wildlife, there's something for everyone.A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages in the Caribbean. 

Speaking of adventure:

Alaska Adventure and Nature from the Cruise Travel Agent

For those who love adventure and nature, cruises offer an unparalleled experience. From hiking in national parks to bungee jumping above turquoise waters or strolling through picturesque fishing villages, you will never have a dull moment onboard!

One popular option glacier hiking in Alaska, where cruisers wear special boots with crampons so they can walk on top of glaciers! It's an incredible way to see some of Alaska's natural wonders up close and personal. Another adventurous option is zip-lining through Central America's lush rainforests. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages in Alaska. 

Cruise Travel Agent

Some might argue that such activities aren't suitable for all ages or physical abilities, but many cruise lines offer excursions that cater to different abilities, from gentle hiking options to accessible beaches. One thing is for sure: adventure and nature make for an unforgettable experience. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages for the Alaska cruise of your choice.

Hawaiian Sunsets from the Cruise Travel Agent

Hawaii cruises are available year-round and itineraries typically range from 7 to 18 nights. Some cruises take place entirely in the islands, usually sailing round trip from Honolulu, while others visit Hawaii but begin or end in ports such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco or Vancouver.

Hawaii has a dry season -- the dry season lasts from April through October. Summer cruises are costlier.  A variety of cruise lines call on Hawaii -- Princess, Crystal, Holland America, Royal Caribbean --  but Norwegian Cruise Line has the only big ship based there, sailing from Honolulu. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages in the Hawaiian islands.

Cruise Travel Agent

Hawaii is all about surf and sand, but its islands also offer whale-watching, hikes along volcanoes, outrigger canoeing and breathtaking helicopter rides. For more excursion ideas: Hawaii's Best Shore Excursions.

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You can visit Hawaii without a passport on a closed-loop sailing (one that begins and ends in the same U.S. port). Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America is the only major cruise ship based in Hawaii.  Other lines and ships offer there-and-back Hawaii itineraries from ports like San Diego, Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages for the Hawaiian cruise of your choice.

River Cruises from the Cruise Travel Agent

A river cruise provides a unique opportunity to explore travel destinations in a convenient and luxurious way. In contrast to ocean cruises, smaller ships are able to navigate more of the inner depths of places and arrive closer to ports. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages for the river cruise of your choice.

Additionally, scenic riversides offer pleasant views as the ship sails during both the morning and night. As opposed to an ocean voyage, a river cruise provides plentiful opportunities to check out new sites and submerge in the culture as there are no stagnant days spent at sea. Such a tour affords a truly worthwhile and immersive experience.

Cruise Travel Agent

Disney Cruises from the Cruise Travel Agent

Disney Cruises offer guests an unforgettable vacation experience, incorporating the magic and wonder of Disney into every aspect of your journey. Onboard, guests enjoy world-class entertainment, themed dining experiences, and endless opportunities for family fun and adventure.


Offshore excursions allow you to explore some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. With top-notch service and amenities, a Disney Cruise is truly a vacation like no other!  A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages for the Disney cruise of your choice.  A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages for the Disney cruise of your choice.

Cruise Travel Agent

Antarctica Cruises from the Cruise Travel Agent

Immerse yourself in the crystalline beauty of icebergs, the echo of calving glaciers, and the mesmerizing playfulness of penguins. Our luxury cruise to Antarctica is much more than a journey; it’s an utter transformation of perspective. Join us as we embark on an unforgettable adventure that transcends the ordinary world, reaching the furthest corners of our planet where few have dared to venture.  A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages in the Antarcica. 

Swiftly cutting through icy waters aboard opulent accommodations, you'll find that indulgence blends seamlessly with exploration, proving once again that extremes can exist together–luxury and wildness, comfort, and adventure. Legendary explorers once trekked dangerous paths for a sight like this; all you have to do is step onboard. Are you ready to explore Antarctica in an unparalleled style? Welcome aboard!   A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages for the Antarctica cruise of your choice.

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Galapagos Islands Cruises from the Cruise Travel Agent

Sail across an azure sea, where the horizon crashes into surreal landscapes, and rare wildlife greets you with nonchalance. Welcome to a world that time seems to have forgotten—the Galapagos Islands. This is an adventure like no other, punctuated by crystal clear waters, volcanic wonders, and indigenous creatures that pique the curiosity of even the most seasoned travelers. Prepare to be mesmerized by nature's orchestra aboard a luxury cruise that ensures you don’t miss a single enchanting scene of this exotic paradise. Our website offers a variety of Galapagos cruise options to suit all preferences and budgets. From small vessels that provide a more personalized experience to luxury cruises offering premium amenities and services, we have something for everyone.

A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages for the Galapagos cruise of your choice.

Cruise to Galapagos

Shore Excursions from the Cruise Travel Agent

A cruise vacation is an excellent way to explore some of the world's most spectacular destinations and immerse yourself in new cultures. One of the greatest benefits of cruising is that it offers you a wide range of options for shore excursions. Depending on your preferred activity level, whether you want to relax or discover new things, you can choose from various options.

If you are visiting the Mediterranean, you may want to consider taking a food tour in Barcelona, where you will get the chance to sample tapas dishes in locations only locals would know.


Alternatively, if you're heading to Cozumel during your Caribbean cruise, try booking a beach and tequila tasting excursion where you'll learn the history of tequila and its production process while enjoying delicious samples.

Shore excursions are like appetizers before the main course: they prepare your senses and give you a sense of what to expect once you start exploring. Depending on what each port has to offer, there's certainly something for everyone - history buffs and relaxation seekers alike.

Cruise Travel Agent

Last, some cruise lines such as Princess Cruises now offer packages that will cover WI-FI, gratuities, and beverages. Known as Princess Plus or Princess Premier fares or service, these fare classes offer the cruise customer a chance to save some money on some things that the are going to use during the cruise.  Princess Plus or Princess Premier is usually signficantly less expensive than adding the individual pieces together.

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On many cruise lines, beverage packages that include alcohol based beverages can often run $60-$140 per day per passenger.   

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Cultural Experiences from the Cruise Travel Agent

Cruise ships are not only for relaxation, but they can also provide cultural experiences that allow you to explore new cultures and traditions. When it comes to cruise excursions, the cultural experience is one of the most sought after activities. From cooking lessons to historical tours, a cultural experience will leave your mind full of rich memories. 

One fantastic way to immerse yourself in the culture of a country is by experiencing traditional dance performances or folk songs. On a Mediterranean cruise, for example, you could take part in flamenco dancing classes in Spain, or try the tarantella in Italy. The Caribbean is not just about beaches - calypso dancers and steel bands are a must-see when cruising through the region.

Imagine yourself in the French Polynesian paradise on a clear morning. As you step out to your terrace on the MS Paul Gauguin, feel the mild atmosphere while looking at the sparsely populated Taha'a with its green coating and its light blue ocean. Located beyond the surf, Motu Mahana is Paul Gauguin Cruises' personal Polynesian paradise, affording you the opportunity to enjoy a day (or two) at your own leisure and pleasure.

The splendors of the exclusive isle haven have no limits. Take a dip in the inviting sea. Explore the vibrant underwater world by snorkeling and observe the vivid colors of the sea life around coral beds, or venture out further in a kayak from the marina of the MS Paul Gauguin. 

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Shore excursions are another great opportunity to experience different cultures. You might take part in traditional crafts like making pottery in Mexico or weaving baskets in Fiji. A walking tour around local markets or an opportunity to sample street food while learning about local traditions from knowledgeable guides will give you insight into other ways of life.


But what about your accommodation options onboard?

Accommodation Options Onboard from the Cruise Travel Agent

For those who desire luxury suites, look no further than cabins with balconies or suites with their own private jacuzzi baths overlooking pristine ocean environments. Additionally, luxury staterooms come equipped with all the amenities needed for maximum comfort and relaxation, including plush beds, flat-screen televisions, and high-speed internet.

If you are traveling with friends or family, suites with multiple rooms and adjoining doors might be more suitable. This will allow some privacy while remaining close to each other. Some cruise lines, like Royal Caribbean, have virtual balconies that screen live views of the ocean or interior cabins.A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best accommodations for the cruise of your choice.

Weekly Cruise Specials from a Leading Cruise Travel Agent

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Weekly Cruise Specials

Luxury Suites from the Cruise Travel Agent

If you want to treat yourself and enjoy a luxurious vacation, then booking a luxury suite on a cruise ship is the way to go. Most cruise liners offer an extensive selection of high-end cabins that are spacious, chic and lavishly decorated to provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation.

For instance, Royal Caribbean International's Anthem of the Seas offers guests staying in their Royal Suite Class lavish accommodations such as exclusive access to a coastal kitchen, a private restaurant that serves fresh fare made from locally sourced ingredients. Moreover, travelers get their own private balcony overlooking the vast oceanscape, and a personal concierge throughout their trip. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages Royal Caribbean.

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Other luxury cruise lines like Silversea Cruises have accommodations that boast private verandas with stunning ocean views, separate sitting areas, marble bathrooms with a full-sized bathtub, flat-screen televisions that come equipped with premium satellite channels, Bose sound systems as well as butler service 24 hours-a-day. A knowledgeable cruise travel agent can find the best cruise packages on Silverseas Cruises. 


Just like how luxury hotels offer impressive amenities and facilities for their customers to luxuriate in grandeur, luxury-suite staterooms on cruise ships spare no expense when it comes to guests' creature comforts.

Popular Cruise Lines and Itineraries from the Cruise Travel Agent

Choosing the right itinerary can be an overwhelming task. With so many amazing destinations to choose from around the world, we understand how difficult it can be to decide which one is the best fit for your next cruising adventure.

Each year, multiple cruise liners release new routes and popular itineraries based on customer feedback and trends. The Norwegian Cruise Line Company has always been famous for its unique freestyle cruising concept consisting of open dining, alternative restaurants options as well as unparalleled onboard entertainment in its ships.

Meanwhile, Princess Cruises is ideal for those who wish to experience romance, relaxation and traditions in an elegant setting while sailing through some of the world's most glorious destinations. The ALL NEW Sun Princess sailing in early 2024 will offer guests an exceptional experience by taking them to romantic European cities like Rome, Athens, and Santorini.

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Additionally, Holland America Line's carefully designed 14-day itinerary "The Best of the Mediterranean" covers top-rated ports such as Barcelona, Cannes, and Rome. Not only does the trip include stops at amazing cities with rich European history but it also enables you to immerse yourself in different cultural experiences such as sampling local foods or hiking excursions.

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Family-Friendly Cruises from the Cruise Travel Agent

When it comes to family-friendly cruises, many cruise lines have tailored their offerings to cater to the needs of families traveling with children. Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line are some of the most popular options.

For example, Disney Cruise Line has something for everyone in the family. Children can enjoy activities such as character meet-and-greets, themed deck parties, and kids' clubs while parents can indulge in spa treatments or adult-only dining experiences. Moreover, Royal Caribbean has installed water slides, rock climbing walls, and mini-golf courses on board their ships to keep the whole family entertained.

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When considering a family cruise, the ship's accommodation plays a significant role in ensuring proper comfort and relaxation for all onboard. Many ships today offer spacious cabins that can accommodate families comfortably. Connecting rooms are also an ideal option for larger families as they provide extra space while still remaining connected.


However, some people may argue that taking children onboard a cruise ship might not be safe or appropriate due to various reasons such as motion sickness and exposure to mature content.

While this may hold some truth, it is vital to note that cruise lines take great care when it comes to ensuring the safety of passengers on board. In addition, many ships have designated age-appropriate areas where children can partake in activities suitable for their age group.

Booking a family-friendly cruise is similar to investing in a memory bank that will last forever. Families get to bond by sharing exciting experiences together without worrying about logistics such as meals or accommodation during their trip.

In conclusion, family-friendly cruises are perfect for creating unforgettable memories with loved ones while meeting new people from all over the world. Although there might be valid concerns regarding cruising with children, it is essential to note that cruise lines have an excellent track record when it comes to ensuring the safety and welfare of all their passengers.


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