St Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands


St. Thomas, the gateway isle of the U.S Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Home to breathtaking views, velvety beaches, and spectacular snorkeling spots great for any vacation day trip. Founded by Danish settlers in the 1600s, this island is full of historic buildings, a busy cruise port, and lots of rum to enjoy all the pirate stories.

Busy or quiet, the beaches are perfect, with no jellyfish insight making the sea even more enjoyable. Something that makes St. Thomas an even more desirable vacation spot is no need for a passport to visit. As a U.S territory, American citizens only need a valid I.D to enter the island.

That means you could travel from Washington, D.C, New York, or California with as little as your driving license and enjoy all the beauties St Thomas has to offer.

A boat sailing across Watermelon Cay,  St Thomas

Things To Experience in St Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands

There are lots to see and do in St. Thomas, so don't forget your camera to snap some photos of the amazing memories you make. Information on all the wonderful sights is below, giving you an idea of what areas should not be missed!