1 Hidden Hotel rooms Have you ever gone on to one of theconsumer travel booking engines?Look up your favorite hotel in a city or a set of dates and find they areshowing no rooms? You are out ofluck, right? Nope!It is possible that a wholesalewebsite used by travel agentshas plenty of rooms. 2 Book Ahead and Deposit Ahead Airlines have raised ticket prices byclose to 30% in 2022. Booking 6-9months ahead for the busy Summertravel season with a small depositcan easily save you 20-40% vs.what you paid for the same tripif you waited until early Spring. 3 Why Not Travel in the Off-Season? 4 Group Ticketing 5 Premium Class Air Tickets 6 Being Flexible With Your Travel Dates 8 Failing To Consider Alternate Airports 9 Creative Ticketing Most travel destinations have 2-3pricing plans based upon what iscalled the High, Medium, and LowSeason. Travelers looking to savemoney are advised to travel in theMedium and Low Season to avoidHigh Season prices. The best travel agency can beespecially helpful when dealingwith groups and/or passengersleaving from multiple cities.Group airfares and group discountare available in some cases forgroups with 8-10 membersor more. The best travel agency usesAirline Consolidators and aircontracts. The Airline Consolidatorscan purchase tickets for hundredsor thousands of dollars less thanthe best price you can find online. The cost of your plane ticketalso depends on the day ofthe week you fly. Recent traveldata suggests you can save10% to 40% per ticket by flyingon a Tuesday, Wednesdayor Saturday. Left to their own resources,many travelers will make the mistake of going with familiarname hotels in well-knownlocations at higher prices.Others will book rooms inhotels that offer servicesand options that willrarely/never be utilized. Many mid-sized cities haveonly one airport, leaving youno choice as to which one you’ll fly in or out of. Majorcities often have multipleairports so be sure to checkrates at each before bookingyour flight. The best travel agencyoften hears complaintsfrom frequent fliers aboutthe difficulty of using theirfree miles. The best travel agency can often get youto your destination inBusiness Class and backin First Class for less moneyand airline miles than theairline will quote you. 7 Think Outside The Box